INTER-CITY TESTING & CONSULTING CORPORATION is close to 40 years as a provider of Forensic Engineering, Consulting and Expert Testimony to thousands of Law Offices, Insurance Companies and Government Agencies. Our qualified teams of Engineers and Scientists, covering hundreds of areas of expertise, are available to assist you in technical evaluations, scientific analysis, testimony and preparation of cases for trial. Additional experts are available when more than one specialty is required. We also provide constant case and project management to help expedite the needs of your litigation in a timely manner.

INTER-CITY TESTING & CONSULTING CORPORATION provides full support for analyses including video animations, total station analysis, and EDR "Black Box" downloads and interpretations.

INTER-CITY TESTING & CONSULTING CORPORATION also offers videoteleconferencing, certified videographic services, and notary services.
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Amusement Venues & Rides Laboratory Services
Automotive Accident Reconstruction Machinery & Industrial Accidents
Automotives / Repair Analysis / Automotive Mechanics Medical Devices
Automotive Safety / Defect Analysis Medical Emergency / EMT Procedures
Aviation / Aerospace Accidents Metallurgy & Materials Science / Materials Science & Engineering
Biomedical / Biomechanical Injury Analysis / Human Factors Nursing
Boating & Marine Safety / PWC / Sailing Parks & Playgrounds
Chemicals / Consumer & Industrial Chemicals Piers / Bulkheads / Decks / Retaining Wall Analysis
Civil Engineering / Structural Failures School & Institutional Supervision
Construction Site Accidents Slips, Trips & Falls
Criminalistics & Forensic Sciences Sports / Recreation / Aquatics
Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Tree Failures / Property Damage / Motor Vehicle Accident Causation
Firearms & Explosives Toxicology
Fires & Explosions (batteries, gases, liquids) Transportation & Highway Safety
Fire Investigations & Flammability of Clothing & Furnishings Vocational Rehabilitation
Helmets / Motorcycle, Bicycle, Sports & Industrial Warnings & Instruction Analysis

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