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Intercity Testing and Conuslting Corporation

FIRES AND EXPLOSIONS (batteries, gases, liquids)

Personal injury, death and extensive property damage are the all too often result of unwanted explosions. InterCity has assembled an inter-disciplinary team of combustion, explosion, ordnance, ballistics and fireworks experts to assist in the evaluation of all types of explosions, including but not limited to: Arson, Accelerants, Ballistics, Battery Explosions, Bomb Investigations, Bullet-Proof Vests, Chemical, Dust Explosions, Explosives, Firearms, Fire Extinguishers Explosions, Fireworks, LP and Natural Gas Explosions, Soda Bottle Explosions, Spray Can Fires and Explosions, Water Heaters.


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Dr. Jeffrey Ketchman P.E.
Dr. Harold Tanyzer