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Intercity Testing and Conuslting Corporation


When construction site accidents occur, many parties including architects, contractors, product and equipment suppliers, insurance companies and governmental authorities may have an interest in determining the cause. InterCity's expert team of architects, civil engineers, contractors, code specialists, mechanical, safety and structural engineers are immediately available to assist in all aspects of construction accident investigation and safety. Areas include Accidents, Arbitration, Architecture, Building Codes and Standards, Building Design, Civil Engineering, Contractor Liability, Contracts and Contract Administration, Cranes, Defects, Dispute Resolution, Engineering, Fork Lifts, HVAC, Ladders, Loaders, Safety Engineering, Scaffolding, Slip &Fall and Structural Engineering.

Click to view CVs of experts in this area:
Paul Schettini, P.E.
Phillip Zarny, P.E.
Dr. Jeffrey Ketchman, P.E.
Dr. Harold Tanyzer
Fred M. Johnson, Ph.D.