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Intercity Testing and Conuslting Corporation

InterCity's extensive experience encompasses virtually every conceivable sport or recreation activity. InterCity evaluates cases involving injuries to individuals in school settings at all education levels, nursery, elementary, secondary, and college. InterCity's experience extends to both amateur and professional sports and includes activities engaged in on an individual or group basis. Equally important is InterCity's evaluation of the officials, personnel and management who are directly (or indirectly) responsible for the safety, conduct and supervision of participants and spectators in any event, program, sport or recreational activity. In their capacity as coaches, waterfront instructors, guards, trainers, teachers, exercise specialists, or whatever official or unofficial positions held, the training and conduct of these men and women are rigorously and critically evaluated by InterCity's in-house staff of sports and recreational specialists. Amusement Parks Safety, Amusement Parks Rides, ATV Accidents, Baseball, Bicycling, Bicycle Tails, Boating, Camping Equipment, Day Care, Diving Boards, Equestrian, Football, Games and Toys, Golf Courses, Gymnastics, Helmet Safety, Hiking, Hockey, Ice Skating, Injury Analysis, Motorcycling, Park Design and Development, Park Management, Park Signing and Warnings, Playground Safety and Supervision, Recreation Program Supervision Resorts, Risk Recreation, Roller Blade and Skating Injuries, Schools, Scuba Diving, Skating and Skateboards, Skiing, Snowmobiling, Sports Shoes and Equipment, Sports Facilities and Programs, Supervision, Swimming, WaterPolo, Water Safety, Waterslides, Wilderness recreation, Winter Sports, Zoological Parks.


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