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Intercity Testing and Conuslting Corporation


Consultation, testing and expert testimony is available for fabric and clothing fires in both the home and the work place. InterCity's experts are intimately familiar with the fire performance and state-of-the-art of many household furnishings, such as draperies, floor coverings, bedding, upholstered furniture, wall coverings and similar furnishings. InterCity's experts in the flammability of clothing and furnishings have authored or participated in the development of current national and state standards. They have testified effectively in major multiple fire death and injury litigation and are intimately familiar with all aspects of flammability and safety. In addition, InterCity has assembled a team of experts and consultants in other fire-related disciplines, such as fire investigation, cause and origin, fire endurance, combustion, fire growth and development, fire modeling and combustion toxicity. InterCity's team of fire experts is available through consultation to assist attorneys in understanding the technical complexities of fire and flammability-related litigation and to provide expert testimony if required. Adhesives, Arson, Bedding Fires, Burns, Camping Equipment, Carbon Monoxide Exposure, Carpets, Clothing and Fabrics, Combustion, Combustion Toxicity, Curtains and Drapes, Electrical Uses, Fire Forensics, Fire Investigation, Fire Safety, Flame Propagation and Extinction, Furniture Fires, Insulation, Interior Finish, Mattresses, Plastics, Polyurethane Foam, Wall Covering, Work Clothing.

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Dr. Jeffrey Ketchman, P.E.
Dr. Harold Tanyzer
Doug McIlwraith
Leszek Malaszewski