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Intercity Testing and Conuslting Corporation


InterCity specializes in evaluating performance of protective helmets for use in:

• Motorcycling and other automotive sports
• Bicycling
• Equestrian sports
• Skiing / Winter sports
• Other Recreational and sporting activities
• Law Enforcement and industrial applications

Biomechanical / Biomedical Injury Analysis, Accident Reconstruction, Dynamic Impact, Positional Stability and other relevant testing is employed, as necessary, to assess the causal relationship, between head / neck trauma and:

• Design / manufacturing defects
• Failure to meet DOT, Snell, ASTM, CPSC and other relevant standards.
• Defective warnings & instructions.

Click to view CVs of experts in this area:

Dr. James Pugh, P.E.
Fred M. Johnson, Ph.D.