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Intercity Testing and Conuslting Corporation

Over one million people experience slip, trip or fall accidents each year and approximately 15,000 die from the resultant fall injuries, second only to the number of automobile accident fatalities. These accidents can and do occur in a wide range of environments, including construction sites, private residences, playgrounds and recreational facilities, industrial settings, public and private property (sidewalks, highways / roadways, streets, parking lots,markets); public transportation facilities (airports, subways, train & bus stations) and facilities for the elderly and disabled. 

InterCity has assembled a multi-disciplinary team of specialists, which can be drawn upon to meet the needs of specific accident cases. These consultants have intimate knowledge of the hazards and causal factors associated with slip & fall occurrences, including: knowledge of construction and building materials, adequacy of lighting conditions, the influence of surface unevenness and projections. Friction testing is performed to establish the extent to which the activity surfaces are slip-resistant under wet and dry conditions. Also taken into account are the safety requirements of building codes, local ordinances, OSHA Regulations and industry standards of safety custom and practice in the design and construction of safe walking, working or playing surfaces.

The education, training and experience of the experts in this field include Biomechanical / Biomedical Engineering (relating to injury analysis and the mechanics of human gait / walking), Civil, Mechanical, Safety and Human Factors Engineering and Highway Traffic Safety Engineering.

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