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Intercity Testing and Conuslting Corporation


InterCity provides extensive laboratory testing capability for investigating product defects, reconstructing accidents, material failure analysis, toxicology and similar forensic engineering problems. Included in InterCity's laboratory and investigative capabilities are: Air and Water Pollution, Asbestos Analysis, Biochemistry, Biological Analysis, Biology, Biomechanical Engineering Analysis, Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Injury Analysis, Carbon Monoxide Exposure, Chemical and Metallurgical Analysis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Drug Reactions, Flammability Testing, Food Chemistry, Forensic Science, Glass and Metal Fracture Analysis, Helmet Failure Analysis, Household Chemicals Testing, Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure, Insect Bomb Exposure and Explosions, Labeling, Mechanical and Structural Testing, Lasers, Metallurgy, Medical Devices, Medical Equipment, Implants, Paint and Coatings Analysis, Plastics Testing, Prosthesis Failure Analysis, Pacemakers, Recreational Equipment Testing, Spray Can Injuries, Sutures, Tire Testing, Toxicology.

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Thomas A. Kubic
Fred M. Johnson, Ph.D.
John Nelson Daniel Wurpel