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Expert CV Carl N. Bruno (condensed)

C.W. Post 1973-1980 Criminal Justice MPSCJ
N.Y. University 1970-1972 Chemical Engineering MECHE
Manhattan College 1963 -1967 Chemical Engineering BECHE

Forensic Applications of Pyrolysis – Tom Wampler ( COS) Westchester Crime Lab, Valhalla NY - 11/28/01
Scanning ’01-FAMS Inc. New York, NY-Forensic Workshop & Symposiums - 5/5-7/01
AA & ICP/MS Seminar – Varian - 12/12/00
Scanning ’00- FAMs Inc.-San Antonio-Forensic Workshop & Symposiums -5/9 – 12/00
GC/MS User’s Meeting-HP, Melville 1/21/00
Quantitative X-ray Microanalysis of Bulk Specimens & Particles- Lehigh University, Bethlehem
PA 6/21 – 25/99
SEM & X-ray Microanalysis-Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA-6/14 –18/99
Scanning ’99 – FAMS Inc.-Chicago-X-rays Microanalysis & Forensic Workshops-4/11-14/99
Dxprime- EDAX, Mahwah, NJ 12/7-11/98
Spectroscopic Solutions 1998- Nicolet, Uniondale 10/13/98
Basic Statistics for Analytical Science – Suffolk County Crime Lab, Hauppauge, NY- Dr. Mishalanie 5/27/98 – 6/8/98
Scanning ’98 –FAMS Inc.-Baltimore-SEM & Forensic Workshops- 5/9-12/98
Scanning Electron Microscopy – McCrone –7/28-8/1/97
49th Annual Inter/Micro Symposium – McCrone 7/21 –24/97
Chromatographic Methods in Forensic Science – FBI 3/3 –14/97
Advanced Topics in Infrared Analysis – PE-10/22/96
Spectroscopic Solutions 1996- Nicolet- 10/8/96
GC/MS and ICP-AES/MS Instruments & Techniques – Varian 6/20/96
Instrumental Analysis of Explosives and Explosive Residues – FBI –5/13 – 17/96
Fifth International Symposium on the Analysis and detection of Explosives- ATF-12/4 –8/95
NEAFS 21st Annual Meeting – GC/MS Workshop-10/25 –28/95
International Symposium on Forensic Aspects of Arson Investigations – FBI 7/31 –8/4/95
GC/MS and ICP- AES/MS Instrumentation – Varian- 6/21/95
GC/MS Training ( EL-CI-MS Detection) Varian NCPD 1/9 – 2/1/95
Chromatography Workshop Series Varian –12/8/94
SEM/EDAX Training-AMRAY-NCPD 11/29- 12/1/94
NEAFS 20th Annual Meeting 10/13 – 14/94
Introduction to Forensic Serological Concepts- Nassau County Police Academy 4/6/94
Short Course in Mass Spectrometry – Nassau County Police Academy 3/11 – 28/94
Diamond Grading – GIA- 12/6 – 9/93
NEAFS 19th Annual Meeting –10/14 – 16/93
Chemistry of Pyrotechnics and Explosives – Washington College-7/26 –30/93
Ninth Annual AA Workshop – Varian –5/13/93
Crime Scene Reconstruction- Nassau County Police Academy-3/17-30/93
Interpretation of Infrared Spectra-Nassau County Police Academy 2/25-3/18/93
Introduction to Analytical Spectroscopy- Nassau County Police Academy 1/19-28/93
Fire Behavior/Arson Awareness and Cause/Origin Determination New York State OFPC Fire Services Academy 6/8-12/92
Post Blast Investigator’s School –FBI-4/13-17/92
Separation Science Training Course- Nassau County Police Academy- 3/10-31/92
AA Workshop Varian 4/26/91
Environmental Analysis Seminar –Varian –10/26/90
Soft Annual Meeting- 9/13/90
Mass Spec User’s Meeting HP 6/14/90
GC/MS Logical Troubleshooting- HP-6/11/90
AA Workshop-Varian-5/1/90
Eleventh International Conference-Alcohol Drugs & Traffic Safety 10/24-27/89
SOFT Annual Meeting 10/18-21/89
EAS 28th Annual Meeting 9/25-29/89
Tests for BAC in Highway Safety Programs Supervision & Expert Testimony-Indiana University 5/14-19/89
AA Workshop – Varian 4/18/89
New York Crime Lab Committee Seminar- Hewlett Packard 8/25/88
1st Annual GC/MS User’s Meeting for Confirmation of DAU- Hewlett Packard 6/22/88
AA Workshop- Varian 4/21/88
Sample Preparation Techniques and Microscopy-New York Microscopical Society 1/30-3/19/88
NEAFS 13th Annual Meeting- 10/23/87
Principles and Theory How to Use Microscope- New York Microscopical Society 9/12-11/21/87
EAS 26th Annual Meeting 9/15-18/87
Macroprogramming- Hewlett Packard 7/7-10/87
GCMS User Group Meeting- Hewlett Packard 12/12/86
Thing That Go Boom In The Night- Chemistry of Fireworks-New Jersey ACS 10/27/86
EAS 25th Annual Meeting 10/20-23/86
Mass Spectrometry- Techniques and Interpretation –Hewlett Packard 9/29-10/1/86
MSD 5970B Operator Training Course - Hewlett Packard - 5/20-23/86
Atomic Absorption Training Course – Perkin-Elmer 4/7-11/86
International Symposium DUI/D – FBI 3/24-26/86
EAS 24th Annual Meeting- November 1985
NEAFS 11th Annual Meeting – October 1985
Forensic Drug Analysis by HPLC- NEAFS/ Perkin-Elmer 10/10/85
Analytical Immunological Techniques for Forensic Scientists NEAFS- 6/5-8/84
Arson Lab Seminar- Office Fire Prevention Control-New York State 11/16-18/83
Arson Lab Seminar- Office Fire Prevention Control-New York State 11/9-10/82
Improvement Arson Evidence Analysis and Testing –Office Fire Prevention Control New York State
Laboratory Analysis in Arson Matters – FBI-3/2-6/81
Laboratory Detection and Identification of Accelerant Found in Arson Debris-ATF 6/9-13/80
Breathalyzer Maintenance Course- Smith & Wesson, Nassau County Police Department 1/14-18/80
Breathalyzer Instructor Course – Smith & Wesson 3/20-31/78
Advanced Arson Investigation- New York City Fire Department Fire Marshall’s Office MRC-TV 2/5/78
Arson Investigation- New York City Fire Department Fire Marshall’s Office, MRC-TV 9/11/77
Breathalyzer School- Nassau County Police Department 2/9-13/76
Basic Criminalistics- FBI 3/10-14/75
DEA Drug Training –Analysis of Drugs- DEA 4/22-26/74

Testified in excess of 200 cases over 29 years involving Drugs, DWID, Arson, Explosives,
Tear Gas, General Chemical and Gunshot Residue and has been accepted as an expert in the following jurisdictions: U.S. District Court (NY & MA); Nassau County District Court
Supreme Court, Grand Jury, County Court, Family Court; Long Beach City Court.

Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists (NEAFS)
American Society for Metals (ASM)
International Association of Arson Investigations (IAAI)
New York Society of Forensic Sciences (NYSFS)
New York Microscopical (NYMS)
American Microchemical Society (AMS)-Defunct organization
Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE)
American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS)
American Institute of Chemists (AIC)
Society of Forensic Toxicologists (SOFT)
American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM)
American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC)
New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS)
American Chemical Society (ACS)
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
International Society of Explosive Engineers (ISEE)
International Materials Society (IMS)
Microscopy Society of America (MSA)
Microbeam Analysis Society (MAS)
Foundation for Advances in Medicine & Science (FAMS)

1. Job Title: Detective Employer: Nassau County Police Department
Detective-5th Squad - 1/2004-1/2005
Detective – 8th Squad – 3/2003-1/2004
Detective – 3rd Squad – 1/2003 -3/2003

2. Job Title: Detective Employer: Nassau County Police Department
Detective – SIB- 5/76- 1/03
Police Officer- -SIB 1/74 – 5/76 Forensic chemist in Criminalistics Section. Analyze GSR (organic/inorganic), tear gas,
dves, explosives and any other chemicals. Have analyzed arson, narcotics, narcotics in blood and urine and blood alcohol.

3. Job Title: Mechanical Inspector Employer: I.W. Industries
Employed 1976-1985 – Quality control in a high school production brass manufacturing
facility (lamp and plumbing parts ) utilized measuring tools both optical and manual. Also
involved in manufacturing aspect for a short period of time.

4. Job Title: Design Engineer Employer: Westinghouse Electric/Bettis Atomic Power Lab
Employed 1967 – Designed nuclear reactors for Naval battleships and submarines.

Tear Gas Conversions – NEAFS Newsletter, Vol. 3 No. 2 – June 1978

Elemental Analysis of Various Smokeless Powders – Scanning ’01 – 5/6/01
Forensic Analysis of Diamonds & Diamonds Simulants. An Unusual Case History – Scanning ’00 – 5/10/00
The Microscopical Differentiation of Natural Diamonds and Diamond Simulants – NYMS 10/27/94
NEAFS 20th Annual Meeting – Diamond Identification and Grading Workshop – 10/15/94
F.B.I. National Academy Graduate Alumni – Diamonds are Forever – NCPD Pistol Range - 6/9/94
NEAFS – 19th Annual Meeting – Diamonds are Forever – 10/14/93

Meritorious Police Service – Wagner – diamond case - 2/9/95
Meritorious Police Service – Hayes party snapper case – 1979

AIC – National Certification - 1989-1995
New York State Department of Health – Breathalyzer Technician/Supervisor 1976-1990
New York State Department of Health – Blood Alcohol Permit – 1975-1990
Atomic Energy Commission – Top Clearance -1967

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